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The Science of TurbidexTM.
TurbidexTM is the latest generation in filtration media. Traditional sand and multimedia were satisfactory for some water treatment but industries that require almost pure water demanded a media that not only filters down to 5micron but saves time and money in application and usability.


1st & 2nd Generation Filtration 3rd Generation Filtration
1. Suspended solids are mechanically strained with sedimentation and flocculation to 12-30 microns.           1. Suspended solids are mechanically strained with Sedimentation, Flocculation, Physical and Electrostatic Absorption and ion-exchange down to 3-5 microns.
2. Filtrate often requires additional stages of filtration before it is suitable for use.   2. Quality of filtrate often reduces the need for additional down stream filtration.
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